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CBKM Mini Circuit Breaker

CBKM Mini Circuit Breaker
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The design on the base of the current-limiting device increases the capability of cicuit breaking,with a max.of 7.5KA(AC 220V standard) The super-miniature and light product leaves the installation area minimum. The overcurrent protection of bimetal sheet and the instantaneous and short-circuit protection featuring solenoid trip produces a perfect protection to current fault. The assembly mode of DIN-Rail makes the installation easier. Delicate appearance of Europe-style. Available to fit such accessories as auxiliary switch(AX) and alarm switch,etc.

 Series  CBKM
 Type  B  C  D
 Poles  1 2 3  1 2 3 4  1 2 3
 Rated voltage (V)  240/415
 Rated current (A)  6,10,16,20,25  2,4,6,10,20,25,32,40,50  6,10,15,20,30,40,50
 Breaking capacity (KA)  10  6  6
 Tripping device  Thermal-coil magnetic
 Auxiliary switch & alarm switch
 Rated operational current  220V 3.5A
 AC 11 duty  415V 2A
 Mechanical life  2000 operations
 Thermal capacity  0.75 ,2.5mm
 Weight  0.04kg/EA
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