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CL7 Mini Circuit Breaker

CL7 Mini Circuit  Breaker
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The products of CL7 belong to the advanced level of the nineties in the world instead of the older generation of CL7.They have protective function as shortage as overload,and are used in lighting distribution system in industy,commerce and dwelling,and protect fractional electric motors.And they also have many merits of high protective grade(up to IP20),high break capacity,reliable sensitive action,convenient,multipole assembing,long life etc.They are mainly adapted to the circuit of AC 50Hz,230V in single pole,400V in double,three,four poles for protecting overload and short circuit.Meanwhile,they are also used in turning on or off the electric apparatus and linghting circuit under the normal condition.

 Electrical specification  EN60898(IEC898 GB10963-99)
 Conforms to standard of electrical:  230V/400V;50/60Hz
 Rated current(Ue):  10KA IEC898(0.563A)
 15KA IEC947-2(0.563A)
 Short circuit breaking capacity of DC:  Max.48V(KL7...,10KA)single pole
 Max.250v(Kl7-DC,6KA)single pole
 Perfermance:  C,D charaectisistic curve
 Max.fuse that can be connected to:  100AgL(>10KA)
 Selective grade:  3
 Working ambient temperature:  -5 to +40
 Enclosed protective class:  P40(Under mounting)
 Life:Electrical Mechnical  No less than 8000 times
 No less than20000 times
 The length of exposed plane:  45mm
 Enclosure height:  80mm
 Enclosure width:  17.5mm per pole(single pole)
 35mm:1P+N(two pole)
 Mounting manner:  Used for track of 35mm of IEC standard
 Terminal manner:  Two-function terminal can connect with busbar and  conducting wire
 Terminal block capacity:  Wire 1-25mm2
 Conducting wire 0.8-2mm

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