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CME Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

CME Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
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CME moulded case circuit breaker are highly specified.Positive contact indication is standard,with three positions "on" "OFF" and centre "TRIPPED" being provents the MCCBs contacts from being held closed in the event fo over current.
CME mounlded case circuit breaker 3 & 1 pole units have a trip to test button provided as standard.All main contacts are of quality.Silve alloy construction for durability.Complying with IEC947-2 is covered by type test and marine approval certification.
1.Mould case circuit breakers 16 to 200A.
2.Available in three ranges:standard,standard adjustable,Hi-break adjustable.
3.Complies with IEC60947-2.
4.Current limiting action provides low values of lot-through energy.

MCCB Description Standard range
Current rating(A) Standard range 1 pole List number 3 poles List number
16A CME161 CME163
20A CME201 CME203
32A CME321 CME323
40A CME401 CME403
50A CME501 CME503
63A CME630 CME633
80A CME801 CME803
100A CME1001 CME1003
125A CME1251 CME1253
160A CME1604 CME1603
200A - CME2003
Impulse withstand V. 8KV 8KV
Utilisation category A A
Adjustment thermal Fixed Fixed
Adjustment magnetic Fixed Fixed
Therminal capacity(Max) 120mm2 120mm2
Breaking capacity IEC60947 2/BS EN60947-2(AC 50/60Hz)
690V AC Icu(KA) Icu(KA) - - 12 12
480V AC Icu(KA) Icu(KA) - - 20 20
400V AC/ 440V AC Icu(KA) Icu(KA) - - 25 25
380V AC Icu(KA) Icu(KA) - - 30 30
220V AC/ 240V AC Icu(KA) Icu(KA) 25 19 40 40
250V DC Icu(KA) Icu(KA) - - 37 19
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