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SD Distribution Boards

SD Distribution Boards
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Loadcentres Qo3 100 12SD, 12SD, 12FD, 18SD,18FD,24SD,36SD,36FD.
Incoming Devices
3 poles main switch 125A SQ3 100M
3 poles main switch 125A SQH3 100MX

Loadcentres QO3 100 12,12F,18F,24,24F,36,36F,

Interiors QO3 100 INT 12,18,24,36

Incoming Devices

125A 3pole main switch 4mm2

With solid neutral 4mm2

125A 3pole main switch 4mm2

100A 4Pole main circuit breaker 4mm2

125A 4pole lugs unit 4mm2

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