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Moving Coil Instrument Power Meters

Moving Coil Instrument Power Meters
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Moving Coil Instruments Power Miters

Wattmeter Model: CYFC-W45
Varmeter Mode:lCYFC-VAR45
Voltage Single phase:100V 220V 380V
Three phase three wire100V 220V 380V 415V
Three phase four wire100V 220V 380)V 240(415)
Above-mentioned can be connected directly.
The following should be connected with voltage transformers:
380/100V 500/100V 3K/100V 6K/100V 10K/100V 15K/100V 35K/100V
Current:1A 5A
The voltage circuits of meter connected with voltage transformers. Which secondary voltage is 100V,if the secondary voltage is lower than 450V,it also can be connected directly.The currrent circuits connected with current transformes, which secondary current is 5A or1A .Wattmeters and Varmeters with converter for three phase therr wires or four wires and single phase,which can be
used for balance and unbalance burder circuit.
Heat resistance:case of non-combustible plastic material.
Frequency:50HZ or 60HZ
Fastening: By means of must,absolutely safe,fast,robust,side-by-side
Mounting type:DIN rail. 72mm¡Á87.2mm¡Á65mm

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