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Digital AC/DC Ammeter & Voltmeter

Digital AC/DC Ammeter & Voltmeter
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Function:For measuring the DC/AC current and voltage
Ordering Model:CLY-D725A/V or DC

1. Display:3 1/2 digits.LED display (with red or green options)
2. Accurancy:(0.5% reading+2digits)
3. Auxiliary power:AC 110V10%   50/60Hz
        or AC 220V10%  50/60Hz
4 .Input siganl:AC/DC current and voltage.
5. Measuring range:0-20A AC,for those above 20A,match with current transformer;
6.  Power Consumption::<3.2VA
7.  Max Voltage Consumption:<0.5VA
8.  Operation Environment:temperature 0C~40C
                     Relative Humidity:85%
9. Shelf Environment:-40C~+60C
                    Relative humidity: 70%
10. Hi-pot testing:AC 2000V/MIN
11. External case:Made  of non-combustible phastic material.
12. Fixing Mode:Flush fixing with nuts
13.Imbedding Depth:43mm

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