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SBW Three Phases Compensated Voltage Regulator

SBW Three Phases Compensated Voltage Regulator
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  SBW three phases AC voltage regulator is a contact adjustable automatic voltage compensation hight power device.when voltage from supply  network is varied or due to loading current effect,it automatically output voltage to ensure the normal function of various electrice equipments.

 Whole factory power-supply of small type factory
 Workshop and department power-supply of larg,middle type industrial and mining  enterpres. 
 Industrial and mining enterprises.
 From a complete set with single-machine.

 Environment demand:
 1.Ambient temperature of use:0~40 Ambient temperature of storage and transport:-40~60 .
 2.Relative atmospheric humidity:90%.
 3.Without corrosive,flammable and explodable gas and other conductive gas which can influence insulation of voltage regulator. 


1.Input:three phases and four-line system
 Voltage:176V~250V Line voltage:304V~432V
 2.Output:three phases and four-line system
 Voltage:210V~230V Line voltage:361V~399V
 3.Input&Ouput terminal(phases line and middle line)
 can bear sinusoidal voltage with power frequency 50Hz 3000V to machine stand for 1 minute
 It is beter than 98% if voltage regulator operated with normal power
 5.Additional waveform distortion of output voltage1%


Nominal Power(kw) 50 100 152 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 600 800 1000
Rated Phase Current(A) 76 152 228 304 379 455 531 607 682 758 910 1213 1516
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