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20KV 24KV Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories

20KV 24KV Heat Shrinkable Cable Accessories
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Property Typical data
Ac withstand(under rain) 56KV/1min
Ac withstand(without rain) 56KV/1min
Impulse withstand 125KV/10times
Dc withstand -96KV/15min
Ac withstand 48KV/4h
Partial discharge test 10pc(1.73Uo)

Description of goods Specification Size of conductor (mm2)
single core "XLPE" indoor termination kit NSY-24/1.1 25-50mm2
NSY-24/1.2 70-120mm2
NSY-24/1.3 150-240mm2
NSY-24/1.4 300-500mm2
single core "XLPE" outdoor termination kit WSY-24/1.1 25-50mm2
WSY-24/1.2 70-120mm2
WSY-24/1.3 150-240mm2
WSY-24/1.4 300-500mm2
single core "XLPE" straight through joint JSY-24/1.1 25-50mm2
JSY-24/1.2 70-120mm2
JSY-24/1.3 150-240mm2
JSY-24/1.4 300-500mm2
3 cores "XLPE" indoor termination kit NSY-24/3.1 25-50mm2
NSY-24/3.2 70-120mm2
NSY-24/3.3 150-240mm2
NSY-24/3.4 300-500mm2
3 cores "XLPE" outdoor termination kit WSY-24/3.1 25-50mm2
WSY-24/3.2 70-120mm2
WSY-24/3.3 150-240mm2
WSY-24/3.4 300-500mm2
3 cores "XLPE" straight through joint JSY-24/3.1 25-50mm2
JSY-24/3.2 70-120mm2
JSY-24/3.3 150-240mm2
JSY-24/3.4 300-500mm2


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