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CT Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

CT Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
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 CT Moulded case circuit breaker is suitable for circuit AC 50Hz/60Hz,rated voltage up to AC 660V,Rated operating current to 630A.It features normal structure,reliable performance,complete accessories & high break-ing capacity,used for power distribution and protecting the circuit and electrical equipment against overload and short circuit.It complies with standard of IEC947-2.

Rated current of release(A) Thermodynamic release(ambient temp +40) operational current of magnetic ralease(A)
1.05In(cold state) in operative time(h) 1.30(heat state) inoperative time(h)
In63 1 1 10-50In20%
63In250 2 2 10In20%
25In800 2 2 5-10In20%
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